ORRAN means HAVEN in the Armenian language.

Since April 2000, this is what Orran has been to tens of thousands of families and people in need throughout Armenia & Artsakh.

Twenty years ago the Yerevan center started with 16 children, but within 6 months, it had grown to embrace more than 26 at-risk elderly and 40 vulnerable children, some of whom were orphans. In 2009 the second Orran center was established in the city of Vanadzor (3rd largest city of Armenia, 128km from Yerevan), named after its benefactors Krikor & Anna Krikorian.  

Overtime the number of our beneficiaries have grown, and today we have over 100 elderly and 300 children -ages from five to sixteen years of age

Charity Event

We hold a few charity events on an annual basis to raise much needed funds for our 2 centers and to have the great opportunity to meet our donors.

Our next event will be in 2021.

Donate Clothing

We accept clothing donations for men, women and children all year round. Your unwanted clothes will go a long way in giving our beneficieries confidence by way of being better dressed.
Contact us for clothing donations.

Donate a Meal

No one should feel pangs of hunger!
We have meal donation plans that not only ensure we serve nutritiuos food, but also ensure that we serve our elderly and children for over 300 days a year. Follow the link to bring a smile to their faces.

Our Mission

* Divert vulnerable children from the streets and engage them in academic, cultural, and extra-curricular activities

* Fight the concept of beggar children as the principal breadwinners of their families

* Identify and develop vulnerable children's interests and talents toward a working career

* Help families "in crisis"

* Assist the lonely and needy elderly

* Prevent the spread of destitution and begging among Armenia's children and elderly

Hearty Meals

Six times a week, the elderly and children lunch at the centers, giving them the opportunity to interact with one another and the staff.
The elderly arrive just before noon to be served their homemade meals, consisting of soup/salad, a hot, nutritious main course and dessert, and finish in time for when the children arrive after school for their meals.

The menus are designed by the staff nurses to ensure that they all receive well balanced meals which are prepared by the dedicated Chefs and their assistants.

Academic Assistance

After their meal, the children start on their homework with the assistance of professional teachers at each center. A group of capable national and international volunteers assist with both tutoring and homework supervision, ensuring that each child receives the individual attention that he or she requires to be well prepared for the next day at school.

Medical & Psychological Assistance

Every child undergoes a medical checkup on admission and on a regular basis by the on call nurses. If any problems are detected, they are refered to a specialist and treated through the Orran support program.
Also on admission, our psychologists evaluate every child and work with them on an individual or group basis, and if the need arises also on a family basis.

Social Services

The social workers are present at the centers for interaction and intervention with the children and visit their schools and homes, identifying and addressing problems that are affecting the children's behavior.
The social workers also organize the distribution of locally and internationally donated clothing and shoes to the children and their families, as well as to the pensioners.

Vocational Training

Orran strives to identify and develop children’s interests and talents towards a working career. The children engage in courses in macramé (hand weaving), woodcarving, pottery, sewing and needlepoint, learning skills to become honest breadwinners of their families when they grow up. In addition to developing children’s artistic skills, these courses serve as an important source of building their self-confidence.

Cultural Enrichment

We believe that spiritual and cultural enrichment are also important aspects for a child's development. In this regard, field trips to churches, museums, historical sites, monuments, theaters, and amusement parks are organized on a regular basis. The elderly also partake in these theatrical and musical performance outings. For the most part, these outings are sponsored through donations, from supporters like yourself.

A Word From Our Sponsors

Read some of the testimonials from our sponsors to know who we are and know that your donations are not wasted.

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