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Orran, which translates "haven" in Armenian

was founded in April 2000

by Raffi and Armine Hovhannisyans in downtown Yerevan. Initially, the center started its journey with a group of 16 children. But soon, within six months, it expanded its embrace to include over 26 at-risk elderly individuals and 40 socially vulnerable children. Some of these children were orphaned and desperately in need of support.

In 2009, thanks to our major benefactors Krikor and Anna Krikorian, Orran extended its reach to the city of Vanadzor, establishing another vital center. Since then, our reach has continued to grow, currently providing a haven for 100 elderly and over 300 children, aged between 6-16.

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We are a community dedicated to transforming lives.

Our mission is clear:

Empower Vulnerable Children:

We strive to divert vulnerable children from the streets, offering them a nurturing environment where they can engage in academic pursuits, explore their cultural heritage, and participate in enriching extra-curricular activities.

Break the Cycle of Poverty:

We fight against the concept of beggar children becoming the primary breadwinners of their families. Instead, we focus on breaking this cycle by providing education and opportunities.

Nurture Talents for a Brighter Future:

Every child is unique, and at Orran, we identify and develop their interests and talents, guiding them toward a promising career path. We believe in shaping future leaders, artists, and professionals.

Support Families in Crisis:

We extend our helping hand to families facing overwhelming challenges like war or pandemic, providing them with the necessary support to overcome crises and rebuild their lives.

Care for the Elderly:

Orran is committed to assisting the lonely and needy elderly members of our community, ensuring they live their golden years with dignity and love.

Prevent Destitution and Begging:

We actively work to prevent the spread of destitution and begging among Armenia’s vulnerable children and elderly, creating a society where everyone can have the opportunity to thrive.

To accomplish our mission, the dedicated staff at Orran Centers provide a range of essential services. From educational support to emotional care, cultural enrichment, and skill development, we offer a holistic approach to transform lives and build a brighter, more inclusive future for Armenia and Artsakh

A Word From Our Sponsors

Read some of the testimonials from our sponsors to know who we are and know that your donations are not wasted.

Ralph Yirikian
Director General of Ucom

Dear friend!

Our long-term partnership with “Orran“ is the evidence of the fact that we truly believe in “Orran’s“ mission and share its values. Indeed “Orran“ has not only become a shelter for many children and seniors whose life has dramatically changed under circumstances and situations but it has given a feeling of a real home and has become a family for many. “Orran“ helps people feel important and become courageous enough to struggle and survive, to live, to laugh, to believe and make things happen. With the help of “Orran“ people are saved from the need to beg, or to face despair and indifference.

We are the creators of a better future for younger generations who should live in a better, stonger and kinder environment. the way to make it is to come together and prioritize important things in our surroundings. And to succeeed , sometimes we need to look at the things through the eyes and with the naivety of a child. Children see everything through their soul: they enter this world to be loved and to be happy. And when they get those emotions they grow up into loving people, knowing true values and being able to find their place under the sun.

Let’s celebrate “Orran“! The organization’s mission and it’s reputation of a reliable partner, are well in line with the Corporate Social Responsibility strategy adopted by VivaCell-MTS and we are proud of the years of successful cooperation with “Orran“.

partner krikor
Krikor & Anna Krikorian
Principal Donors of Orran

My wife Anna and I have been involved in Orran since 2001. Back then Orran was just one year old. Anna and I were in Armenia looking for a project to support. Those of you who have been to Armenia, can imagine the wide array of choices we had. We stopped on Orran. Its mission of helping the children and elderly was very dear to us, but there was another reason. I am a man of business and hold charity to the same rules as a business. I need to see transparency, honesty, ethics, accountability and the most benefit for my “investment“. I have dedicated hours and hours of my voluntary time and hundreds of thousands of dollars of our personal finances to Orran beacause I know that Orran meets my tough criteria. Orran undergoes an audit by an international firm every year and publishes it on its website.

Moreover, Orran’s administrative cost is much lower than other charities because so much volunteer time is dedicated to its work. The children of Orran have gone on to colleges and universities, some have learned trades, and hold proper jobs today, and all of them have become respectable citizens. I hate to think where they would have been today if it was not for Orran. When I hear of the success stories of the children, when I consider the return on my “investment“ I am more than satisfied. I am elated.

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Orran Song

Տանիքի տակ քո ջերմ, բարի
Արդեն քանի-քանի տարի,
Տալիս ես սեր ու քնքշություն,
Ծնողական ջերմություն։


Տուն ու տանիք մեզ համար
Դու մեր հույս ու հենարան
Վառ հուշն ես մեր մանկության
Ջերմ ու բարի մեր Օրրան։

Ընթացքում այս տարիների
Քանի-քանի սերունդների
Հոգ ես տարել մեծացրել
Հաջողության հասցրել։


Սիրել, ներել, վստահել
Ընկերոջը միշտ օգնել
Բարի գործեր կատարել
Քո գրկում ենք սովորել։


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