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We encourage and support many of our children to enter vocational programs. Over our 20 year history, we are proud to have made a significant difference in the future of our children who have blossomed into successful adults. The inspiring triumphant stories of Manuk and Sargis exemplify the importance of Orran and how we have guided many boys and girls to becoming role models for all others who struggle daily, as Manuk and Sargis had in the past.

Manuk comes from a single parent family, living in dire conditions along with his mother, brother and sister. He started to come to Orran when he was 10 years old. Despite his physical limitations, he was a star in his woodwork workshop. In 2015, with the help of Orran he joined a mime and dancing theatre group. Today at 24, Manuk travels the world with his theatre and is representing Armenia in The Argonauts (In collaboration with the Candoco dance Company)  in Britain.

As a 12 year old boy, Sargis’ future seemed gloomy and dreary. He started coming to Orran with his neighbour and friend. The shy, reserved boy soon started enjoying the pottery classes and having fun with his friend and perhaps seeing his future in a different light. Taking part in a Junior Achievement summer camp exposed him to the world of business and cooking. Sargis decided his path was to become a chef. Thanks to Orran, he had the opportunity to attend culinary classes through their vocational program. Today, Sargis is a proud husband and the head chef at N’Joy restaurant in Yerevan.

Manuk, the boy without limitations.
Sargis - cooking up a storm..

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